Olymel Unveils Strategic Restructuring Plan in Response to Shifting Production Dynamics

Olymel, a key player in the meat processing industry, has unveiled a strategic restructuring plan aimed at optimizing its operational footprint amidst evolving production trends. This initiative follows the recent announcement of the closure of its Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu plant in Quebec, Canada.

The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu facility, primarily focused on poultry processing with additional pork products, is set to cease operations on July 19 due to declining production volumes, operating at only 40% capacity. The closure will directly impact 135 employees, including both non-regulated and temporary foreign workers.

Recognizing the expertise and dedication of its workforce, Olymel is committed to facilitating the transition for affected employees. A comprehensive relocation plan is being implemented, offering opportunities for relocation to neighboring plants with labor demands. These include facilities in Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-Damase, Ange-Gardien, and Boucherville.

Employees opting for relocation will have their years of seniority acknowledged for compensation and benefits, subject to union approval at the respective plants. Additionally, measures will be taken to assist temporary foreign workers in applying for relocation to alternative Olymel facilities in coordination with federal and provincial authorities.

Yanick Gervais, President and CEO of Olymel, expressed regret over the closure while emphasizing the necessity of adapting to market dynamics. He underscored the company’s commitment to retaining as many employees as possible within the Olymel family, underscoring the implementation of a robust relocation plan to support career continuity for those choosing to remain with the organization.

This strategic realignment underscores Olymel’s proactive approach in navigating industry challenges, ensuring long-term sustainability and efficiency in its operations.