Jim Long Pork Commentary, China Pig Herd Continues Massive Decline, August 19th 2019

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics


Last week China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced that July’s pig inventory had shrunk 32.2% and sow inventory had decreased 31.9% from July a year ago. China had its first official break of African Swine Fever last August.

Statista estimates there were 781 million hogs worldwide in March 2018.


440.6 million

European Union

150.26 million

United States

73.15 million


38.83 million


22.94 million


14.17 million

South Korea

11.27 million


10.41 million


9.28 million

If we use China’s inventory of 440.6 million in 2018 that was prior to last August African Swine Fever break and the Chinese government 32.2% decline we calculate a decrease of 140 million swine in China’s inventory compared to a year ago. That decline is almost equal to all the pigs in Europe or double the U.S. Inventory. We suspect China’s government estimate of 32.2% decline could be conservative. All observers we are in contact with in China suspect it’s in 50% range.

Of note China’s Ministry of Agriculture February Inventory indicated a decrease of 17% year over year. To put in perspective China inventory has declined another 15% or about 60 million head last 5 months. An average of over 10 million a month. We suspect this decline rate has yet to be abated. The U.S. has marketed year to date 2.5 million more market hogs compared to last year. That is a pittance compared to the massive decline in China’s herd and marketing’s year to date.

China Hog Price

China Price

Converted U.S. Dollars liveweight

August 8, 2018

13.25 CNY/kg

85¢ lb.

January 30, 2019

12.23 CNY/kg

78¢ lb.

May 29, 2019

14.96 CNY/kg

96¢ lb.

July 3, 2019

16.77 CNY/kg

$1.08 lb.

August 16, 2019

23.49 CNY/kg

$1.52 lb.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see trajectory of China’s hog price. Gaining 66¢ U.S. liveweight a lb. since the end of May. Of note when we returned from China in Mid-May we wrote that the Chinese producers we met predicted real high prices by August. Reasoning was – Numbers of Hogs would decrease sharply as a result of huge sow herd liquidation in December to March, and liquidation that was ongoing of frozen pork inventory. Most had predicted this price range of 23-24 CNY kg or $1.50 U.S. a lb. Very accurate prediction considering in May prices were 14.96 CNY/kg or 96¢ lb. Speculation at that time by Chinese we met with was when Hogs hit 23-24 CNY/kg (which are China record price levels) there would be huge pressure on the Chinese government to increase pork and other meat imports to hold food prices down. We are there, now we see if imports accelerate. We will predict there will be a huge increase in imports.

  • Last week the highest price in China was Guangxi at 29 CNY/kg or $1.86 U.S. liveweight a lb.
  • Feeder pig price in China is 47 CNY/kg or $3.03 U.S. a lb. a 45 lb. feeder pig is $136 U.S.

Some estimates in China to raise a 115 kg (253 lb.) market hog in a farrow to finish system it costs 1200 CNY ($170 U.S.). At current hog price 23.49 CNY/kg ($1.52 lb.) a 115 kg (253 lb.) pig would bring 2700 CNY. The profit margin on this calculation is 1500 CNY per head ($212 U.S.). Big Big Profit. The reality is if you have lost half your pigs you are still making money, so the large swine corporations can drive on. The real challenge is the 1,000’s of farmers that have no pigs due to ASF related issues. It’s hard to believe many of these individual farmers will jump back into swine business.

U.S. Market

The U.S. hog market we have a hard time understanding. Lean Hog Futures declining in the face of the massive pork and meat imports from around the world. China will need to hold down food inflation and feed these people doesn’t make any sense to us.

Last week it was announced China ordered 10 million ton of U.S. pork. Trade is ongoing. There is another 100 million tons plus already on order of pork. China won’t need soybeans or canola for pigs that don’t exist but pork is something there is definitely a need.

Time will tell but the massive decline of pork supply in China is real. As we quoted last August a foreign veterinarian who does business in China just after ASF broke “We will find out if the rest of the world has enough food to feed China.”

Global MEGA Producers

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