Yes, We Are Old School. By Pork Producer Wanda Scott Patsche

We have a clock radio that turns on at 6 am every morning. We used to listen to local news, but the “local” news is no longer local. I guess not everyone listens to the radio for news anymore. After the general news, a farm news show gives us the latest farm market news updates.

My husband keeps everything – because, you know, he may need it someday. And you know what? Many times he is right. And he knows right where it is. Imagine storing “stuff” for over 45 years.

I don’t have a fancy house. In fact, I have lived in my 110-year-old house for the past 45 years. Yes, we added onto it once. My floors or furniture don’t all match. My color decor does not coordinate. But it’s functional. The words “But, you have a roof over your head” are repeated in my head. I am satisfied.

I still write checks.

I still use cash. And, yes, I will use pennies if needed.

I make homemade hot chocolate mix. I make make-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t use the McDonalds app. I just want to order a cheeseburger. Plain and simple. And we keep the extra ketchup packet in case we need some for our next meal.

Sometimes our “dates” are parts runs to another town. And we use the old farm truck for these parts runs. We may stop for a DQ and then stop and enjoy the scenery of cars driving by on the road as we enjoy our chocolate malts.

Zion Lutheran Church

We go to church every Sunday morning. Some people might think this is old school. I would disagree, but rather to show we need God in our lives. Being a farmer is very stressful. There’s always something going on . . . In fact, we are going through a very stressful time right now and it is only by keeping focused on God that we know he will see us through it.

For some, this may be viewed as old school.

But I will take our “old school” any ole’ day.