Farm Changes . . .By Pork Producer Wanda Scott Patsche

I have been contemplating how and when to talk about some changes coming to our farm. As many of you know, we raise hogs. We are a small part-owner of a sow farm about 20 miles away. This sow farm is where our newly weaned pigs come from. Ownership made sense to us as we knew exactly where are pigs were coming from, and how they were cared for prior to coming to our farm. We knew health status, which vaccinations were given, etc.
But . . the sow farm is shutting down–rapidly. Why? A couple of the other owners wanted out and due to a weakness in this type of business model, they had a majority influence over the rest of the owners. We had no choice. Last week, our last group of pigs from were delivered from the sow farm.
We never thought this was how it was going to end.
We thought the end would come when we were ready for it to end.
I must admit, I am having some reservations about how fast the sow farm is shutting down. It makes me sad with feelings of defeat.
Does this mean we are done with raising hogs? No. But our future is unclear. Our plan is to look into other options.
I know at the end of the day, we will look back and say all turned out for the better. I know that because of God’s promise to us.
Even with God’s promise, it is still a painful and worrisome process to go through.