Animal Depopulation Resiliency Check-in Tool Training Video Available

A short video describing how to use the the Animal Depopulation Resiliency Check-in Tool (ADRCT) is now available in English and Spanish. The ADRCT is a 5-question public health protocol for stakeholders who are preparing for, participating in, and recovering from animal depopulation. It is available in French, Spanish, and English.

All ADRCT resources are available at

Animal depopulation is associated with distressing psychological impacts on people. These impacts affect many stakeholders including veterinarians, producers, public health officials, and others who make decisions about and carry out depopulation.

The goals of the ADRCT are to:

  • Identify any psychological distress that may result from depopulation,
  • Promote social support and coping among those engaged in the depopulation process, and
  • Help individuals who may need mental health intervention by providing referral information for additional support.

The American Association of Swine Veterinarians received funding from the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service through their National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program in 2021 to develop resources, including the ADRCT, to build and improve capabilities and capacities for responding to emergency events that require animal depopulation. Those resources are available at