Potential Relief for Iowa Pork Producers in Next Farm Bill Regarding California’s Proposition 12

Amidst concerns over California’s Proposition 12, an Iowa pork producer sees a glimmer of hope in the forthcoming farm bill.

Trish Cook, hailing from Winthrop and a former president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, expresses optimism about potential remedies being discussed within the House. According to Cook, there’s progress being made, particularly with GT Thompson, the chair of the House Ag Committee, showing commitment towards addressing the interstate commerce limitations imposed by Prop 12.

“GT Thompson, the chair of the House Ag Committee, is also committed to getting some wording in there as a fix for Prop 12 about the restrictions that Prop 12 is putting on interstate commerce. So that’s really important to hear and important to know that he’s committed to getting that in there.”

However, Cook remains cautious about the Senate’s stance on Prop 12 within the farm bill negotiations, indicating uncertainties surrounding its handling by Senate negotiators.