Experience Adaptive-Flow™—The First Nipple Designed Specifically for Wet/Dry Feeding

Like every product we’ve created, our Adaptive-Flow™ feeder nipples were created to solve  a specific challenge faced by our customers. In this case, we set out to offer a better way to control water flow in our wet/dry feeders by addressing the issue of variable barn water pressures.

The result was our Adaptive-Flow™ feeder nipples—the very first nipple designed specifically for wet/dry feeding. Using a patented silicone insert, these innovative feeder nipples adapt to variable barn water pressures in order to provide precise and consistent water flow control.

This not only simplifies feeder management, making it easier than ever to enter the world of wet/dry feeding, but also increases profitability by decreasing feed and water wastage.

Our Adaptive-Flow™ nipples are available in different flow rates to allow for the correct water daily intake in each phase of production and are now integrated into every wet/dry feeder we manufacture.

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