Will Swine veterinarians lead by meeting the nextgeneration needs of our industry?

Spronk G, Havas K, Dee S. Will swine veterinarians lead by meeting the next generation needs of our industry? JAVMA.doi.org/10.2460/javma.22.10.0480.

The US swine industry is currently challenged by the potential of transboundary animal disease (eg, African swine  fever) entry to the national herd and the relentless pressures of domestic diseases (eg, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome). The task of the swine veterinarian is to biosecure both the national herd and their customers’ local
farms to mitigate these risks. This Viewpoint raises 4 questions that swine veterinarians, including practicing (private  and corporate), industry, research, academic, and regulatory (state and federal) veterinarians who spend a portion of  their time controlling, treating, preventing, or eradicating diseases of swine, must answer to meet the needs of their
farms to compete globally and survive. In addition, it appears that there is sufficient science-based information to  move forward in a collaborative manner and that the goals of prevention of African swine fever and elimination of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus are technically possible. Therefore, as previous generations of swine
veterinarians led the US industry in the elimination of foot-and-mouth disease virus, classical swine fever virus, and  pseudorabies virus from the national herd, the central challenge is whether the next generation of veterinarians will  provide the necessary leadership to deal with the current industry and its next-generation challenges.

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