Tonisity PxW drives significant increase in water intake post weaning in multiple studies (meta-analysis)

It is well accepted that the weaning event is complex and stressful as there are major changes for newly  weaned pigs in housing, environment, and nutrition—all accentuated by transportation stress. While  the industry continues to search for the best approach to starting pigs “right”, water intake has been highlighted as a key to success.

• While some pigs eat by 4 hours post weaning, it takes more than a day for 90% to consume feed  (Pluske et al 2003)
• Feed intake is determined by water intake…not the opposite.  (Kruse et al, 2011)
• 75% of feeding intake behavior is associated with water intake  (Quiles, 2006; Meiszberg et al, 2009)

Several studies were initiated to determine if Tonisity PxW could be applied as a nutritional
supplement applied through a water medicator immediately post weaning to increase water intake  over pigs that were not supplemented.

• 7 studies included 31,861 pigs
• Farms were of variable health (high to average), variable wean age, (16-23 days),
and variable travel time and stress (3 hours to 15 hours).
• Treatment groups were fed Tonisity PxW on arrival for a 5-day protocol of reducing concentration
(while control groups were not fed Tonisity PxW).
• Multiple parameters were recorded:
• Daily water intake
• Mortality
• Morbidity (as measured by pulls or individual treatments)

Even in farms that were not exhibiting active clinical signs of disease, treatment groups demonstrated  a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality:

In summary, Tonisity PxW was demonstrated to increase water consumption in the first 5 days post  weaning in multiple studies with more than 30K pigs included. This increase in water consumption  is believed to be beneficial in driving feed intake with subsequent benefits in pig production metrics.

The 5 Day program is particularly beneficial for pigs at risk for disease challenges and/or significant  transport or environmental stress.

Watch the Tonisity webinar below: Getting weaned pigs off to a great start.

Terry Coffman