PxW improves pig nursery performance in comparison to a well-known electrolyte

• 22% Better water intake on day 1 post-weaning and 9% better water  intake over 5 days post-weaning
• 0.65 lb/300 g heavier pig 42 days post-weaning
• 65% Fewer fall behinds in nursery
• 17% Lower nursery mortality

Study Feeding Plan
• The study was performed on a gilt multiplication farm in the USA
• Treatment 1 – pigs received Electrolyte B at a dose of 1 lb/64 gallons (0.45 kg/242 L) of water,
at a constant concentration for 5 days
• Treatment 2 – PxW – pigs received the appropriate strength of Tonisity PxW according to
Table 1 for 5 days
• For both treatment groups, the water lines were emptied of any residual water to ensure that
PxW or Electrolyte B were observed in the drinker and were available to the piglets on arrival
• The two treatment groups had identical feeding regimes during the study

A total of 5665 pigs over 8 production batches (500-850 pigs/batch every 3-4 weeks) from December  2020 to July 2021. Each batch was randomly split between the Electrolyte B and the PxW treatments,  amounting to a total of 2812 Electrolyte B pigs and 2853 PxW pigs over the 8 batches.

Terry Coffman