ActiSaf HR+ in sow feed improves baby pig growth after weaning across different genetics, feeding programs and health status

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New research from Phileo by Lesaffre continues to demonstrate the practical benefits of feeding ActiSaf HR+ to brood sows.

This work  follows results shared last year that demonstrated the value of feeding 0.5 – 1.0 lbs/ton of ActiSaf HR+ to sows in gestation and lactation.  Past ActiSaf HR+ research trials by Phileo  demonstrated benefits in the nursing pig’s  microbiota balance (Figure 1 and 2). Because  ActiSaf HR+ survives throughout the sow’s GI  tract and feces, nursing piglets are inoculated  with ActiSaf while in the farrowing crate,  with subsequent effects on their developing  microbiota. Further Phileo research showed  improved colostrum immunoglobulin  levels, and increased weight gain and cost/ lbs gained of piglets after weaning (Table 1)  that is most likely a beneficial result of this  improved microbiota balance.