SwineTime Podcast Episode 23: The Latest on Disease Feed Risk

Based on the current body of knowledge, it is evident that feed and feed ingredients are risk factors for the transboundary spread of viruses, including African Swine Fever virus, classical swine fever virus, pseudorabies virus, and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.

Dr. Spencer Wayne, Host of SwineTime Podcast with Pipestone Veterinary Services visits with Dr. Scott Dee, Veterinarian and Director of Pipestone Applied Research, on a recent SwineTime podcast about the latest on disease feed risk. It is proven that all viruses can survive in feed and can be transmitted through consumption of feed. This evidence is something we now can utilize and pay attention to.

A group of scientists from PIPESTONE, South Dakota State University, Kansas State University and Plum Island are working together to study the risk of viral survival and viral transmission in feed, particularly looking at a wide variety of diseases including PED, ASF, Pseudorabies, PRRS, and Seneca Valley Virus A.