North American Pork Producers Call for Reduced Chinese Feed Imports

Farmscape for January 25, 2019

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The Chair of Manitoba Pork says, to defend against African Swine Fever, both Canadian and U.S. pork producers would like to see a reduction of feed imports from China. A delegation representing Manitoba Pork travelled to Des Moines this week to take part in the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress and meet with fellow pork producers, U.S. pork sector officials and politicians. George Matheson, the Chair of Manitoba Pork, says animal health, particularly the threat posed by African Swine Fever, is top of mind among producers on both sides of the border.

Clip-George Matheson-Manitoba Pork:
Probably the most common concern is how we’re going to keep it out of North America. It’s always good to hear that we’re on the same page. It’s not a case of we’re isolationists and thinking of ourselves, keeping it out of our own country. We want to keep it out of the North American continent. Both countries realize how devastating it would be.
Of course of most concern is it being widespread in the country of China and concerns in regards to how it would come into North America. Our theory is it would most likely come in on feed and we’re trying to come up with ways to reduce imports. The general feeling is we have our feed requirements in North America. If we can at all help it, let’s restrict feed imports from China until this disease is cleared up there. Both countries are on the same page in regards to how we might approach government officials to restrict feed imports from China.

Matheson says both countries realize how devastating it would be if ASF did make it to North America, there’s been a lot of cooperation and producers in both countries agree on what needs to be done to mitigate the risks.

For Farmscape.Ca, I’m Bruce Cochrane.

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