JBS Suspends Shipments Of Pork From Facility Shown In Mercy For Animals Video

AP reports:

JBS USA, the U.S. branch of the world’s largest meat producer, says it has suspended shipments from a pig farm where workers were shown hitting, kicking and throwing pigs on undercover video.

The Colorado-based company said it made the decision based on an initial review of the Mercy for Animals video at a Tosh Farms site in Simpson County, Kentucky, and will investigate the allegations.

The video also shows sows being held in individual metal pens, a controversial but common practice.

Tennessee-based Tosh Farms says several actions shown in the video violate its policy, and it will re-train its staff immediately. It says a veterinarian found no problems at the site Tuesday.

Mercy for Animals wants JBS to require changes in how animals are raised by its suppliers.