Complete Care MSP[RS] Resistant Starch

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MSP[RS] Resistant Starch is a natural  all-in-one solution designed to be  consumed by newborn piglets, helping  to improve gut health, support the  immune system and works to keep  piglets warm and dry too!

MSP[RS] is a simple and effective way to manage gut health in piglets from newborns to the finisher/ grower stage. It’s gentle enough to feed to newborns, and works well at developing the microbiome to  help keep piglets healthier at critical life stages. MSP[RS] feeds the microbiome to defend the lining of  the gut, fuels the colonocytes to improve the first line of defence, and keeps piglets healthier and more  productive through their lifetime. It’s a simple and cost-effective tool to manage disease in the barn!

Experts agree that we need to start early with our piglets. Improve their gut health on day one!

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Download the complete PDF