Champions of Care: Zoetis Shines Spotlight on Unsung Heroes in Pork Industry

In a heartfelt initiative, Zoetis is championing the often-overlooked voices of caregivers and pork professionals through its “Champions of Care” campaign. The series, initiated by Zoetis, aims to celebrate and share the inspiring stories of those dedicated to the well-being of pigs.

Jared Shriver, Senior Vice President of U.S. Livestock, Equine, and Platinum Performance for Zoetis, expressed admiration for the resilience of pork producers facing challenging times. Shriver emphasized the shared values of advancing pig health through personalized care, highlighting the deserving spotlight on these caregivers and their commitment to raising healthy pigs.

Zoetis’ “Champions of Care” content series is a testament to their commitment, amplifying the real-life stories of individuals within the pork industry. The initiative honors not only pork producers but also caregivers and professionals, providing a platform to share their experiences and insights.

Among the featured individuals is Jesus Garcia, a Zoetis Pork Production Specialist, whose journey from Honduras to the U.S. started as a language and agriculture exploration. Almost two decades later, Garcia continues to lead on-farm teams, imparting cutting-edge care techniques.

The series also showcases caregivers like Arianna, an agricultural engineering graduate who ventured from Xalapa, Veracruz, in pursuit of new opportunities. Today, she leads the farrowing team at The Maschhoffs’ facility in Holbrook, Nebraska. Another highlighted story is that of Eric, who redirected his career plans from teaching high school students to coaching the next generation in raising healthy pigs.

The core of Zoetis’ mission revolves around advancing pig health through personalized care. The dedication of individuals like Arianna and Eric mirrors the company’s commitment to innovation and the future success of upcoming generations in the pork industry.

For those eager to delve deeper into the inspiring stories of Zoetis’ Champions of Care, the company encourages reaching out to set up interviews with Zoetis spokespersons or the featured individuals. Contact Jayne Street at 217-751-2412 or for further information. To explore more about the Champions of Care series, visit