Vet Talk: Dr. Jeremy Maurer Explores Merck Animal Health’s Breakthrough SEQUIVITY® Vaccine Platform for Swine

In this episode of Vet Talk, Dr. Jeremy Maurer delves into Merck Animal Health’s revolutionary SEQUIVITY® Vaccine Platform for Swine. Discover how this breakthrough technology is transforming swine health with its advanced approach to vaccination. Stay tuned for expert insights and the latest developments in animal health innovation.

In this episode:
• We explore how SEQUIVITY technology sets itself apart from traditional vaccine production methods, highlighting its advanced techniques for optimizing efficacy and safety.
• Discover the specific diseases targeted by the SEQUIVITY vaccine platform and how it addresses the unique needs of diverse swine herds, ensuring tailored solutions for maximum effectiveness.
• Learn about the Microsol Diluvac Forte (MDF) adjuvant and its crucial role in enhancing the immune response to antigens, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the SEQUIVITY vaccine.
• Walk through the process of administering the SEQUIVITY vaccine to animals, ensuring ease of use for producers and veterinarians while maintaining high standards of vaccination protocols.