The Next Generation Hog Hearth with Matt Robins, Vice President of the IHT Group.

Today we sit down with Matt Robins, Vice President of the IHT Group, to explore the latest developments in the agricultural industry.

  • Revolutionizing Swine Heating Technology:
    • IHT Group proudly unveils the next generation of Hog Hearth Heat Mats, a breakthrough in heating technology for the swine industry.
    • These innovative mats, packed with cutting-edge features, aim to enhance cost-efficiency, elevate safety standards, and ensure unmatched durability.
  • Unveiling the New Facility:
    • Delve into the why, what, where, and how behind the recent launch of IHT Group’s state-of-the-art facility.
    • Explore the significance of this new development for customers and how it aligns with IHT Group’s commitment to excellence.
  • Future Ventures of IHT Group:
    • Gain insights into the exciting prospects on the horizon for IHT Group.
    • Discover the company’s vision for future projects and innovations in the agricultural landscape.
  • Elevating Customer Service:
    • Matt sheds light on IHT Group’s commitment to improved customer service.
    • Explore the meaning of customer service from Matt’s perspective and delve into the cultural ethos that drives IHT’s dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Winter Heating Tips for Producers:
    • As we approach the winter season, Matt shares valuable advice for producers navigating heating challenges.
    • Gain practical insights to optimize heating strategies and ensure the well-being of livestock during colder months.

Join us as we uncover the latest from IHT Group and explore the dynamic landscape of agricultural innovation with Matt Robins. Visit