The Long and Short of it with Jim Long from Genesus Genetics, November 23rd 2023

Welcome to the hot seat, where Jim Long, President and CEO of Genesus Genetics, takes the spotlight!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Pork Market Grind Persists: Jim Long delves into the ongoing challenges and dynamics of the pork market, providing insights into the factors contributing to its continued grind.
  2. Savoring Pork: Driving Consumer Demand: A spotlight on the nuanced world of pork taste and the strategies employed by Genesus Genetics to stimulate consumer demand. Jim Long shares his perspectives on how the industry can elevate the pork experience for consumers.
  3. Brett Stuart’s Insightful Commentary: A thought-provoking comment on Brett Stuart’s opinion regarding the domestic and international agri-food industry. Jim Long reflects on Stuart’s insights and offers his own take on the current landscape.