Swine Insights Unleased Episode 2 Bits and Bacon: Unveiling Ag-Tech’s Pork Production Revolution

Welcome to Swine Insights Unleashed, your ultimate guide to everything Ag-Tech! Hosted by Vic Faust, this episode, ‘Bits and Bacon: Unveiling Ag-Tech’s Pork Production Revolution,’ promises an exhilarating exploration into the future of pork production. Joining us are esteemed guests who are at the forefront of innovation in the swine industry.

Ben Allen, CEO of BinSentry, shares insights into the latest advancements in technology integration and how it seamlessly integrates with existing farm infrastructure. BJ Brugman, CEO & Co-founder of Distynct, takes us on a journey through the operational efficiency and cost savings achieved with Distynct’s Smart Alarms. We’ll also hear from Rob Hannam, CEO of Farm Health Guardian, as he discusses the innovative biosecurity solutions driving disease prevention on farms.

But that’s not all! Chris Bomgaars, CEO of EveryPig, sheds light on how EveryPig’s revolutionary app is saving lives and improving efficiency on swine farms. And Joel Seys, President at Phason Controls, unveils the secrets behind Phason’s electronic controls and production management systems, tailored specifically for hog farming. Plus, we’re thrilled to present special segments featuring insights directly from pork producers themselves.

Dive into the world of Ag-Tech on the farm with Adam Walters and Jonathan Tosh from Tosh Farms, where they share their experiences with innovative solutions like Tosh, a program streamlining logistics and paperwork, and Mogler Farms, represented by Dwight Mogler, offering a firsthand perspective on the impact of Ag-Tech on farm operations in the United States. With exclusive interviews, success stories, and a glimpse into the next era of swine farming, this episode is your go-to resource for everything Ag-Tech.

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