Swine 365 Newscast, January 2024

Welcome to the January 2024 edition of Swine 365 Newscast!

We kick off with exciting news as the 2024 Swine Web Hall of Fame welcomes Kent and Barry Holden and Ken Maschhoff. Join us as we prep for exclusive interviews and the plaque unveiling on swinehalloffame.com.

In our signature style, we bring you a roundup of the latest swine industry headlines, product releases, and podcasts. Plus, meet key figures shaping the industry.

Our special guest, Dalton Obermier, a PhD Candidate at the University of Nebraska, discusses the Nutrack Livestock Monitoring system and his research on the impact of sire EBVs on animal behavior. Don’t miss this episode packed with insights into cutting-edge technology and genetic influences on livestock management.

Tune in for a swine-centric experience.