Meet Michigan Master Pork Producer Award winner Gord Poll

“He has a unique sense of curiosity, and he always wants to learn.”

Gord Poll is good at a lot of things, said Rich Deaton, sales representative of PIC, a seedstock producer.

“He always wants to learn,” Deaton said. “He’s always asking questions to improve his knowledge of the industry, his knowledge in how to raise pigs. He’s a genuine good guy and great friend.”

That’s why the Michigan Pork Producers Association honored him with its 2023 Master Pork Producer Award, which honors those demonstrating skill in proficient pork production and taken an active leadership role in the Michigan pork industry.

“I have to thank everybody for being a part of it, especially my family for putting up with the hours,” said Poll of Poll Farms Inc. The Hamilton farmer produces and sells 45,000 pigs.

Deaton summed up Poll like this: “He wants to do better today than what’s he’s doing yesterday.”