In Swine Versation: Just One Whisler, with Sawyer Whisler from This’LL Do Farm

Sawyer Whisler from This’LL Do Farms in Southeast Iowa joins the Swine Web Podcast.  His strong opinions lead to a “Hot Take” about the threat of Cell Cultured Meat and how this could pivot how the industry functions. As a triple threat (a term known in Hollywood circles) Sawyer is a Farmer, Producer, and Host of his own media company and Podcast called Barn Talk. This incredible Podcast is hosted in their own studio (Family Barn) with live guests and candid banter which is unique to our Industry and growing each week. Sawyer summarizes so many key points, but you won’t want to miss what he would do if he was in charge of the National Pork Producers council or a Swine Leadership group. He has a large-scale/ambitious plan to eventually sell his own brand of Pork direct to consumer which showcases fluid forward thinking.  Articulate, bold, brash and astute are all positive takeaways knowing that our future is in good hands with Sawyer.

  1. We talk about his slogan for his popular Barn Talk Post “We are just trying to do some soon in the World. We discuss the podcast; how authentic it is and what’s next.
  2. Sawyer gives his story and family Farm History. We discuss Hog Farming, You-tubing, and what was the defining moment to being a triple threat.
  3. We discuss the title “Just One Whisler” in reference to him and his Dad usually tag teaming on media together. The mentor ship of his Dad Tork, Who is the real decision maker, where he sees Hog Farming evolving over the next 5 years, something people do not know about him along with diversification and what he would do if he was the Voice for the NPPC or a Swine leadership group.
  4. The Sawyer 3. Sawyer lists the top three things that breed success for him as a A) Hog Producer and C) Media Personality
  5. We discuss how his team and the industry can we better Producers and stewards overall for our Industry. We touch base on consolidation and where this is heading
  6. We talk about his marketing approach and how it is effective to show consumers about our industry about what actually happens in a Barn and on a Farm operation
  7. Rapid Fire Questions -Are you looking to sell your own Bacon? -The best part of being a Pig Farmer is? -The worst part of being a Pig Farmer is?
    -If I wasn’t a Pig Farmer I would be?
    -Favorite College and Pro Sports team?
    -Most cherished passion/passion?
    -Most desired vacation destination?

8.We discuss the biggest obstacle and observation ahead for his operation.

  1. Hot Take, the concern over a company like Tyson cutting out the Producer/Packer and selling Cell Cultured Meat.
  2. Sawyer’s vision. Sawyer outlines his goals and leadership approach he plans on leveraging to thrive in the future.

    About our Guest:

Sawyer Whisler is a 22-year-old 6th generation farmer and entrepreneur from southeast Iowa. He started a personal brand around his family farm where he and his dad Tork document their day to day lives as farmers to the world through social media called This’ll Do Farm. He also is one of the hosts of the Barn Talk podcast.