In Swine Versation: Transitioning from Veterinarian to Forensic Detective a Quest to Solve a Puzzling Swine Disease

In this gripping episode of In Swine Versation, delve into the extraordinary journey of Dr. Daniel Gascho, a trailblazing veterinarian from Four Star Veterinary Services. From his Indiana roots to becoming the first to diagnose Strep. equi in the U.S., Dr. Gascho shares the challenges and breakthroughs that defined his career.

Explore the pillars of his approach – preventative and population medicine, intertwined with a deep understanding of protein production economics. Dr. Gascho’s insights go beyond health metrics, emphasizing profitability in the swine industry. Learn how he fosters authentic client relationships, treating each business as his own.

In a candid discussion, Dr. Gascho reveals the complexities of being a fixer in the swine industry, where strategic decisions drive long-term success. Gain valuable insights into the future of Swine Veterinary medicine, touching on industry hot topics and urging a proactive approach to planning and prevention.

Join us for this riveting episode as Dr. Daniel Gascho unravels the enigma of swine diseases, shares a wealth of knowledge, and provides valuable insights for producers and enthusiasts alike.