In Swine Versation: Trails End to new beginnings with Dale and Lori Dale and Lori Stevermer

Embark on a captivating journey with Dale and Lori Stevermer as they share their story of Trails End to New Beginnings in the dynamic world of pig farming. Dale, the labor powerhouse, and Lori, with a career in the feed industry, weave together a tale of a family farm deeply rooted in their hearts.

In their exclusive Trails End video, the Stevermers delve into the essence of sustainability, metrics, and Pork Care. They highlight their significant presentation at the G7 in Japan and shed light on their commitment to incorporating cover crops for a greener, more sustainable future.

Having witnessed the industry from various angles, Lori’s rise to the presidency in NPPC and Dale’s role on the National Pork Board BOD brings a unique perspective. They discuss key issues facing producers and their involvement in sustainability initiatives, including leveraging Climate Smart grant dollars from USDA.

Dive into the hot topics as Dale and Lori address pressing issues, sharing insights into their experiences and the ever-evolving landscape of pig farming. Decades of changes in the industry come to life as they discuss adaptability, sharing real examples and highlighting the pivotal moments that defined each decade.

The Stevermers open up about their pig business structure evolution, from a modest start to facing labor and disease challenges, and the strategic decisions that led them through these changes. Gain valuable insights into the emotions behind the decisions, the current status, and their vision for the future—a roadmap for other family farms.

Finally, get a glimpse into what makes Dale and Lori successful pig farmers and the aspects they believe they can improve on. Their transparency and shared experiences make this podcast episode a treasure trove for anyone in or intrigued by the pig farming industry.
Join us in this episode as Dale and Lori Stevermer share their profound journey, lessons learned, and the exciting new beginnings in pig farming.