In Swine Versation: The Production Manager & Veterinarian met at the The Maschhoffs and the rest is history.

The story of Rachel & Kyle Schulte.

We discuss each of their backgrounds in the industry, how they met at the The Maschhoffs through the fine details of firsts dates and how other couples also met and got married through The Maschhoffs. We discuss how they live on Rachel’s family farm, what a typical day looks like for them. We learn about Applewood Farms and Kyle’s perspective on finding himself in the middle between research and practical application. We learn about how the couple is famous for receiving Pig gigs/trinkets and where you can find them through the house. We wrap on asking One defining moment on the Farm, whether it adversity, success, or promise,

About our guests

Kyle and Rachel Schulte live on their family farm in Central Illinois. Kyle is a production manager for Applewood Farms, a 14,000 sow internally multiplied farrow-to-wean operation, while Rachel is a swine veterinarian for pork producers throughout the Midwest.

Kyle and Rachel first met at The Maschhoffs, where Kyle was managing the Genetic Testing Center, and Rachel was interning in the Research and Innovation Department. Rachel was impressed by Kyle’s paint can juggling skills, as well as his positive outlook in the face of a lot of hard work.

At that point, Rachel had just graduated with her Animal Science degree from Texas A&M University, and was headed off to Iowa State for her DVM, so Kyle requested a transfer to north-central Iowa to work as a Senior Field Advisor. He then worked in technical services for Ralco, formulating diets and managing their research farm.

Both Rachel and Kyle grew up on their family’s grain and livestock farms and knew that they wanted that type of upbringing for their children. So in 2019, they moved back to Rachel’s family farm in central Illinois. As for what’s next, they think the future is full of opportunities, and they feel ready to tackle the many things that are sure to come next.