In Swine Versation: The Pig Farmer “says” with Leon Sheets

Welcome back to another episode of In Swine Versation. Leon Sheets, is the owner of a Pig Farm from Ionia, Iowa with raising approximately 33,000 pigs.

  1. Introduction to Pig Farming Journey:
    • Started as a family farm in Ionia, Iowa.
    • Passion for pig farming led to the growth of the farm to approximately 33,000 pigs.
    • Emphasis on sustainability and success through responsible practices.
  2. Evolution of Social Media Presence:
    • Initially not active on social media.
    • Felt a void in communicating how food is prepared.
    • Embraced storytelling to demystify the farming process.
    • Highlights “We Care” initiative and emphasizes a passion-driven approach.
    • Not a paid blogger; success measured in fostering understanding.
  3. Passion and Concerns in the Pork Industry:
    • Prop 12 stands out as a hot topic.
    • Active involvement and advocacy for sustainable pig farming practices.
  4. International Farming Experience:
    • Traveled to Hutterite Colonies in Canada.
    • Shared experiences, learned different farming practices, and built connections.
  5. Humility in Learning:
    • “I’m a Pig Farmer, what do I know?” is a humble perspective.
    • Inspired a T-shirt to convey continuous learning and improvement.
  6. Sustained Legacy in Farming and Industry:
    • Aspires to leave a legacy of responsible and sustainable pig farming.
    • Focus on animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.
    • A positive narrative to inspire industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.