In Swine Versation: The Modern Farmer, with Stewart Skinner

Stewart Skinner, owner of Imani Farms in Ontario Canada joins us for a great discussion. We discuss the tagline “Modern Farmer” when social media came to the forefront in 2009. We talk about this story, his family farm Stonaleen Farms and how we created and developed Imani Farms and the meaning behind it. The strength and qualities or being a Canadian Pig Farmer, along with rapid fire questions. We also discuss reaching a decision maker and how this is a challenge in our industry, and how we makes decisions as a Hog Manager. We wrap on how Stewart matches a personal and corporate vision vs social responsibility, profit and longevity?

About our Guest:
Today I operate lmani Farms, a diversified hog production company that produces conventional and niche market hogs, generating over $3.6 million in direct economic activity while supporting approximately 15 full-time-equivalent jobs through direct employment and contract production arrangements.