In Swine Versation: Farrow to Wean family farming in the Ozarks with Cambre Thrasher

Thrasher Family Farms, is a first generation farm with a passionate young owner with a love for Farming. We learn about the Farm purchase in 2016 and the converting of the old Dairy operation to a more modern Swine facility. We discuss his niche company/growth since that time and how Cambre’s previous experience with Cargill/JBS helped prepare him. We discuss in depth about opportunities and challenges for small family farms , and how he is living his dream. We touch on some hot topics (Prop 12, and Better Tasting Pork), and Cambre ends with his final thoughts on what the Pork Industry needs to know.

About our Guest

Cambre has been involved with raising pigs since he was a young boy. Growing up on a small farm in Northeast Missouri, Cambre spent many hours helping in the large sow unit his dad managed nearby. Later, Cambre started his own small sow herd while in high school. After graduating, Cambre enrolled in College of the Ozarks where he worked on the school’s hog farm to pay his tuition. In 2007, Cambre met his wife Chelsea who also worked at the college’s hog farm. After graduating, they got married and Cambre began his career as a field representative for Cargill Pork where he was able to expand his experience in the pork industry. In 2017, God provided an opportunity for Cambre and Chelsea to buy a farm and start their own hog operation. Cambre and Chelsea currently have 350 sows on their farrow to wean farm in southwest Missouri. Selling pigs through a niche company has provided a marketing channel and allowed Cambre to enter the agriculture industry as a producer. They are grateful to be doing what they love and blessed to be raising their four kids on a farm.