In Swine Versation. Executive Insights: A Conversation with National Pork Board CEO Bill Even, Leading the Way in the Pork Industry

Welcome to another episode of In Swine Versation with Bill Even, the CEO of the National Pork Board. In this episode, we dive deep into Bill’s journey, insights, and the state of the pork industry.

  1. CEO Journey and Perspective:
    • Bill’s family history and tradition in agriculture.
    • Defining the role of a CEO and Bill’s role models.
    • A day in Bill’s shoes as the CEO of the National Pork Board.
  2. Industry Challenges and Opportunities:
    • Addressing a significant challenge and opportunity in the pork industry.
  3. Blog Post Impact:
    • Discussing the inspiration behind the popular post, “Impactful (and Surprising) Growth Initiatives in the Pork Industry.”
    • The importance of telling the industry’s story and the significance of harvest and family farm time.
  4. CEO Roundup: Initiatives Update:
    • Brief updates on key initiatives:
      • FAD Prevention
      • Market growth, including retail, multicultural work, and international ties.
      • US Pork as a Global Leader in Sustainable Agriculture.
      • Grassroots engagement with state organizations.
      • Diversification and differentiation market development strategy.
  5. Sustainability:
    • The key to sustainability for America’s Pig Farmers in a changing industry.
  6. Real Pork Brand:
    • Discussing the Real Pork Trust and Image brand.
    • Connecting it to real people and future generations.
    • How building trust adds value to U.S. pork production.
  7. 2023 Recap and 2024 Outlook:
    • Key highlights of 2023 and priorities for 2024.
    • What to expect from the National Pork Board in the coming year.

About Our Guest:

Bill Even is the chief executive officer for the National Pork Board, where he has responsibility for leading Pork Checkoff-funded research, promotion and education projects on behalf of the nation’s 60,000 pork producers.