In Swine Versation: Elizabeth Hines Extension Specialist from Penn State University

Join me as I check in with Elizabeth Hines Extension Specialist from Penn State University.

We discuss her journey from to the Swine Industry from Pennsylvania, how she got her Swine career started, and how she was revamped the Penn State University extension research to have world class content for the Swine Industry. We learn about her expertise: Swine Production & Management, Swine Growth and Development, Swine Reproductive Physiology, Farm Bio security & Disease Response Preparedness, and Work Force Development. We finish off with her vision moving forward, learn about her mentor, and about the history of research at Penn State University.

About our Guest:

Elizabeth Hines is an Animal physiology scientist with 15+ years of practical, hands-on experience and training in the swine industry, focused on commercial swine production, research, and education from mating to marketing. Current extension and education work focuses on workforce development and education of youth and adults in pig husbandry. Applied research conducted as part of the program specific focus on managing animal health and reproductive performance through nutrition and best management practices for swine.