In Swine Versation: Effective Swine Industry Suppliers, with Oscar Gonzalez

Effective Swine Industry Suppliers is A seldomly discussed topic, this is an open view on a subject that crosses road with US Famers, vets, and industry suppliers.

We discuss the values and practices that differentiate the good from the great. Why suppliers are essential and vital (good and bad suppliers) We discuss the voice or Producers and Veterinarians and how you stay close in the field, what does it take to stay on top of the game as a Supplier? What is the life cycle from time to idea and delivery and how has that changed from when you started too today. How we can effectively communicate as a whole internally and suppliers for an efficient and effective relationship; What does it take to be Great Vs Average?

About our Guest:

I`m a vet graduated in Argentina in 1978 , exactly 44 Years ago.
My first profesional activity was at INTA ( National Agricultural Research Institute) between 1980 to 1983, where I had the first contact with swine working in pathology, more specifically in microbiology of respiratory diseases.
Later worked as a field practitioner and in 1985 I Joined BI ( Boehringer Ingelheim) working in marketing and technical service first in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.
In 1990 assumed the responsibility of the Regional Operative Unit South America.
In 2001 I extended my responsibility to the whole Latam being located in Mexico until 2006.
I was retired from BI at 2017 after 33 years of service. Now I `m Working as a Senior Advisor.
From segment point of view I mainly worked in milk quality inside dairy production and since 2006 practically full time in swine focus in biologicals specially on Aujesky, PRRS, M. Hoy,and Circovirus.
My driver is to solve customers needs in direct contact with the customer, being part of their farm.
Curiosity,Compromise.Trust and Pasión are key words.