In Swine Versation: A multi-generational Farm in the Making with Thomas Titus

Thomas Titus is a Pork Producer from Beardstown Illinois and due to Prop 12 and a combination of Labour and economic challenges he is liquidating and re-purposing his business model and opens up to us about it today.

He also talks about the 2023 World Pork Expo, sustainability in the Swine business and building character in the show barn. He discusses the process and what he learned being nominated in 2019 for Americas Pig Farmer of the year, touches on hot topics and gives an example were adversity or being humbled has correlated to success.

About Our Guest:

Thomas Titus recently joined the Partners For Production Agriculture team as a Swine Trade Agent/Broker based out of Logan County Illinois working with Eastern Cornbelt swine producers. Thomas is a multi-generational pig farmer that comes from a family of servant leaders focused on giving back to the pork industry. He was raised on a grain and livestock farm and currently Thomas raises pigs with his wife’s family. Both his parents and in-laws have been very active within the Illinois Pork Producers Association for multiple decades where Titus currently serves as the Immediate Past President of IPPA. Working for Cargill for nearly six years allowed Thomas to develop a greater business acumen while still being able to maintain his passion for the pork industry. The opportunity to continue the legacy of the farm within the next generation is Thomas’ ultimate goal and reward. Thomas spends a great deal of time focusing on consumer outreach. As past Face of Farming and Ranching for the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, Thomas spent time sharing his farms stories using social media. Thomas currently serves on the Logan County Farm Bureau and Market on the Hill Co-op Board. Thomas and his wife Brean have two children, Reagan and Lakin.