Exploring PRRSGard®: A Comprehensive Study Review with Nic Lauterbach

Join me as I connect with Nic Lauterbach from Pharmgate Animal Health to discuss the latest findings regarding PRRSGard®. We will delve into a recent study that demonstrates its minimal impact on growth performance and virus shedding in a commercial finishing setting. During our conversation, we will explore our goals and objectives, dissect the insights gained from the study, highlight key takeaways, and uncover any new or reinforced strategies for effectively managing and preventing PRRS outbreaks.

About our Guest

Dr. Nicholas Lauterbach is a 2018 graduate of Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He spent the last four and a half years working for Smithfield Foods Hog Production, Midwest Division, most recently serving as Senior Veterinarian for the region. In this role he oversaw and directed the health of 120,000 sows and 1.8 million finishing spaces throughout five different states in the Midwest. He joined Pharmgate Animal Health in a Technical Services role in October of 2022.