Enhancing Biosecurity Measures: 4 Tips with Dr. Gisele Ravagnani

Welcome to Episode 3 of ‘The Lanxess Biosecurity Report,’ where we dive deep into enhancing biosecurity measures in animal production. Join us as we discuss 4 essential tips with Dr. Gisele Ravagnani:

1. Cleaning and disinfecting vehicles
2. Washing and disinfecting boots
3. Disinfecting supplies such as equipment, tools, and cell phones
4.Cleaning and Disinfecting empty barns with effective products In times of health outbreaks, biosecurity becomes increasingly critical.

While methods like disinfection arches and glove usage are common, gaps for pathogen entry persist. Dr. Ravagnani sheds light on these crucial details and offers insights to improve farm biosecurity. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and ensure your farm is equipped to handle biosecurity challenges effectively.