Does your disinfectant work in the winter time? With Gisele Ravagnani

Welcome to the Lanxess Biosecurity Report Episode 2. Today, we are pleased to introduce Gisele Ravagnani, the Technical Marketing Manager for Lanxess in North America.

First up, we’ll get a firsthand update from Gisele on what she’s observed in the field over the past few months. What trends are emerging, and what insights does she bring to the table? Then, we cut to the chase with the main topic:

Does your disinfectant work in winter? Gisele will be unraveling the intricacies in an in-depth presentation. Expect her to address myths, provide examples, and make a compelling case for why winter disinfection should be top of mind. Of course, we’ll be shining a spotlight on Virkon S—its proven efficacy, recommended contact times, and why it stands out in the winter disinfection game. But wait, are all disinfectant products cut from the same cloth? Gisele will help us navigate the differences and understand if every product is indeed the same. And to tie it all together, Gisele will leave us with a final piece of advice—an actionable takeaway to elevate your winter-ready disinfection strategy.

Get ready for a podcast episode packed with insights, debunking myths, and practical tips. Let’s jump in with Gisele Ravagnani on winter disinfection and the power of the right disinfectant.