In Swine Versation: Second generation Long with Spencer Long from Genesus Genetics

Spencer Long is one of Jim Long’s son’s from Genesus Genetics. In this candid interview we discuss many aspects of the Swine Industry.

-His father Jim Long as a mentor, and the business/home life relationship.
-His background, story, and graduation story from Queen’s University (Coinciding with the World Pork Expo) .
-Traveling on the road, what surprised him the most, the great Kalmbach Feed event , what he has learned, and top three memorable moments.
-What made Spencer interested in the Swine Genetics Industry.
-Spencer’s style compared to his father Jim Long.
-Will the World Mega Producer return in 2022?
-Spencer’s opinion on the hot topics “Better Tasting Pork”.
-What Spencer has learned the most at Genesus and what he strives to learn.
-Spencer’s vision for the future at Genesus.

About our Guest:
Spencer Long is a second-generation member of Genesus. Currently, he is responsible for administrative operations and does the Canadian Global Market for Genesus. Spencer has traveled extensively with Genesus and met thousands of producers and other industry people around the world. Spencer is a graduate of Queen’s University and resides in Ontario. Spencer looks forward to continually be part of Genesus and use his skills to help the company grow.