Burning Questions: Incineration Innovation with Graham Crown & Neil Rossiter of AIS

Get ready to dive into the world of advanced incineration solutions with Graham Crown and Neil Rossiter from Agri Incineration Systems (AIS)! With over 40 years of experience, AIS stands out as a UK manufacturer specializing in concrete incinerators designed for a range of industries including pig, poultry, slaughterhouses, and pet cremation. In this episode, Graham and Neil share their insights on why incineration is the superior method for waste disposal, offering key benefits like enhanced biosecurity, reduced costs, and efficient odor control. Discover the advantages of concrete over brick, and learn about AIS’s global distribution network ensuring top-notch sales, spares, and engineering support. Plus, hear about their collaborations with major integrators across various sectors. Don’t miss this informative session, and catch up with AIS at the World Pork Expo this week! #Incineration #Biosecurity #WorldPorkExpo #AIS

Tune in now to learn how Agri Incineration Systems (AIS) is revolutionizing waste management with cutting-edge incineration technology!