Breaking Barriers in Swine Health: Charting New Frontiers with Dr. Scott Dee

Explore the groundbreaking strides in swine health with Dr. Scott Dee as we delve into the podcast, “Breaking Barriers in Swine Health: Charting New Frontiers.” In this episode, we unravel the remarkable journey towards sustained control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in breeding herds across the Midwestern United States.

Key Highlights:

Introduction to PRRS and NGB Approach: Discover the challenges posed by PRRS in the swine industry and the remarkable publication in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association. Gain insights into why this breakthrough is a big deal.

Evolution of NGB: Understand the genesis of the next-generation biosecurity (NGB) approach, exploring what prompted its development and how it differs from traditional biosecurity measures.

Study Design and Herd Classification: Dr. Scott Dee guides us through the methodology of the retrospective cohort study. Uncover how herds were meticulously classified into NGB COMPLETE and NGB INCOMPLETE categories, setting the stage for comprehensive insights into swine herd biosecurity.

Results and Incidence Risk Reduction: Explore the key findings on PRRS incidence risk, comparing herds adopting NGB COMPLETE to NGB INCOMPLETE. Gain an understanding of the significance of the observed reduction and its potential impact on swine health.

Challenges and Considerations: Delve into the challenges faced during the implementation of NGB. Gain practical considerations for swine producers looking to adopt comprehensive biosecurity measures, as shared by Dr. Scott Dee.

Global Implications and Future Directions: Envision the global impact of adopting NGB based on positive outcomes. Dr. Scott Dee shares insights into the future directions for improving swine herd biosecurity on a global scale.

Join us in “Breaking Barriers in Swine Health” as we chart new frontiers and explore the transformative possibilities for the swine industry.