Biofilms – Hidden enemies With Gisele Ravagnani

In today’s Lanxess Biosecurity Report Episode 3, we’re delving into the fascinating world of biofilms with Gisele Ravagnani, the Technical Marketing Manager for Lanxess in North America.

A) Demystifying Biofilms: What, Where, and Why: Ever wondered what biofilms are, where they lurk, and why they matter? Gisele will be our guide, breaking down the concept of biofilms and their preferred hiding spots.

B) Biofilms as Potential Threats: Discover why biofilms pose a potential threat to biosecurity. Gisele will unravel the intricacies of their menace and why vigilance is key in dealing with these microscopic foes.

C) Eradicating Biofilms – Strategies for Elimination: Looking for effective ways to bid adieu to biofilms? Gisele will share insights into what actions can be taken to eliminate these resilient entities and maintain a robust biosecurity environment.

D) Beyond Biofilms: Unmasking Hidden Enemies: But that’s not all—Gisele will explore the biosecurity landscape beyond biofilms. Are there other hidden adversaries lurking in the shadows? Join us to uncover potential threats you might not have considered.

Get ready for a riveting episode packed with insights into biosecurity essentials and the mysteries that lie beneath the surface!