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About Virkon Disinfectant Technologies

The Virkon™ range of science-based biocidal technologies, for animal health disinfection, have been specifically engineered to provide effective, flexible and convenient, modern formulated disinfectant solutions for commercial livestock producers, veterinary hospitals and farmers.

For Routine day-to-day disinfection and Emergency Disease Control…

US EPA Registered Virkon™ S has a significant number of studies supporting approved US EPA master label claims against disease-causing organisms affecting poultry, swine and cattle production. Consult the Virkon™ S product container label for the comprehensive list of organisms.

*Formulated Broad Spectrum Disinfectant – The broad spectrum efficacy of Virkon™ S has been proven effective against: 64 strains of virus, 34 strains of bacteria, and 5 strains of fungi.

Versatility Effective for non-porous hard surfaces, agricultural production equipment, vehicles, wheels, boot disinfection and day-to-day farm disinfection.

In-use diluted solution is non corrosive to skin and eyes.

*Consult Virkon™ S product container label for the comprehensive list of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


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Virkon(TM) S Biosecurity Program Against ASFv

Disinfection of PEDv*, PRRS* and Porcine Rotavirus* at 1:600

Virkon™ S Virucidal Efficacy Data Against Swine Disease-causing Organisms

Evaporative Cooling in Swine Facilities

Disinfection of AI at 1:600

Virkon(TM) S Virucidal Efficacy Data Against Poultry Disease-causing Organisms