Cutting Production Cost? – Look at SLP & Endovac-Porci

Sow Health: the Power of “1″
It’s been published that the genetic potential of today’s gilt is 50-60 pigs in her lifetime (SLP). Industry average is less than 30…?
Yeah, probably not going from 30 – 60 this year… but what are small increases worth?
Increase PSY 1 pig = $1.00 per pig
Increase avg. wean weight 1lb. = $1.00 per pig
Increase farrowing rate 1% = $0.50 per pig
Increase average parity by 1 = $2.00 per pig
Decrease SDL 1% = $1.00 per pig
These numbers could be argued higher or lower depending on if you’re in the bottom percentile of production metric averages or the top percentile. The point is, regardless of the status of your farm, there is an opportunity to save dollars!
How = Vaccinating with ENDOVAC-Porci with Immune Plus!
Here are a few reported results from DVM’s and producers vaccinating incoming gilts in GDU and gilts and sows pre-farrow with ENDOVAC-Porci:
Increase PSY 2.64 pigs = $2.60 per pig
Increase in average weaning weight 1.7 lb. = $1.70 per pig
Increase farrowing rate 5% = $2.50 per pig
Increase average parity – no reported data
Decrease SDL 10% = $10.00 per pig
ROI range for single metric 15:1 to 90:1. 
Many farms have reported multiple performance metric improvements!
Endovac’s “Two Technologies in One Bottle” explains it’s success:
  • Core-antigen common to gram-negative bacteria = broad spectrum protection…with no toxic endotoxin (safe)
  • Immune-Plus an immunostimulant which enhances the immune response to vaccines & disease pressures
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