The Unexpected Wild Cards for Swine Producers: IoT and Business Intelligence

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“Around 70% of CFOs believe that their employees need to be more efficient at leveraging operational data to extract business insights. Many businesses face data-related problems like consolidating data from disparate sources, lack of teamwork between departments, poor data quality, and inadequate data accessibility that can delay results.”- KD Nuggets

Big data when utilized correctly changes the game for swine producers. The problem is that as production increases more data capture is necessary. At this point data collection for multiple farms can no longer be done manually without a large margin of error. Not to mention there is a continued labor shortage in the swine industry which makes accurate manual data collection that much more challenging. With fewer resources on hand, swine producers need to invest in greater technologies to assist.

The Dynamic Duo

Enter IoT. IoT is helpful because it creates an opportunity for producers to automate data collection with mobile handheld devices-even offline to allow for reduced errors and increased efficiency on all farms. With IoT, all performance data flows straight into one centralized data hub where insights can be gathered and utilized faster.

“By 2050, the average farm will generate 4.1 million data points through internet of things sensors and related devices.”

MTech Systems, a two-decade-old swine solutions provider, realizes IoT alone does not save the day. This is why we’ve been working on a technology that combines IoT with Business Intelligence. This is a game-changer for large swine operations because it allows them to easily drill down into multiple farms and thousands of data points from one single screen. Not to mention, the easy-to-read dashboards can be customized to any companies KPI’s. See the unique features and how this technology works in the video below.

Introducing Swine Axis: Business Intelligence for Swine Producers

Some Swine Axis features include:

– Swine and feed mill business analytic modules to help you make decisions from anywhere

– Full swine bread to wean dashboard with customized benchmarks

– Personalized performance graphs for retention, parity, and more

-See mortality, farrow, and all other important KPI’s to improve planning initiatives

A swine innovation revolution

Over the last 30 years in the industry through my roles in production, genetics, research, and software development, one thing remains clear – innovation is the key to staying relevant and driving change. What started as a childhood passion for pigs grew into the goal of helping producers leverage their data to make impactful decisions. Finding new ways to handle day-to-day challenges like timely record collection and convenient metric analysis is my motivation which contributed to the creation of Axis for Swine. Angie Bowman – MTech Pork Director

We work with some of the most innovative swine producers around the globe. One of the many things that set us apart from our competition is our software allows you to manage your entire operation from sow farm management through harvest to obtain accurate cost analysis and full traceability. Our system combines performance, inventory, and costing data providing you the full picture to help producers make the best decisions possible.

For MTech this is just the beginning, we’re continuing to create the industry’s leading technologies. Next, up is AI-powered planning which will take inventory management planning to a whole new level. Visit our website to stay up to date

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