Prism10, Boar Stud Management Software by Minitube

Prism10 offers a modern management solution to fit your unique lab. This new software perfectly integrates all ejaculate data and connects all production and management processes from semen collection to reporting production statistics. It stands out through its dynamic, intuitive user interface and flexible architecture. The product-centered approach allows for customized mapping of production processes. Comprehensive reporting with customizable templates and the production dashboard provides extensive management control options.

Your benefits:

  • Secure and traceable input of data, minimizing entry errors
  • Data is accessible remotely via VPN
  • High production reliability, operation is not dependent on a single device
  • Great flexibility in serving different customers with various products
  • Statistical analysis of all production data
  • View important performance parameters at a glance
  • Overview of any time frame of production
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free connection to Minitube devices
  • Guaranteed long-term support by experienced team of developers

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