PigTek’s Stainless Steel Control Unit for Chore-Time FLEX-AUGER®


Designed specifically for use in pig production systems, PigTek’s Stainless Steel Control Unit for Chore-Time’s FLEX-AUGER® Feed Delivery System is highly energy-efficient, extremely long-lasting and trouble-free. The control unit is made of 304 Series stainless steel with 14-gauge body construction, and it is sealed to keep water from entering and feed dust from escaping. It includes an almost-clear polypropylene drop tube funnel, which has an off-center design to help prevent feed bridging. Horizontal screws on the drop tube funnel help to prevent screw “shake-out” over time.

Other features of the control unit include a built-in safety switch, allowing it to function as the last drop on the feeder line. A terminal block inside the switch box provides a comfortable access angle for wiring the switches. Thumb screws on the side access door offer quick access to the control unit body with no tools needed. An optional time clock control and other basic, single-function hopper level and drop tube switches are available to regulate feed delivery. The unit is compatible with Chore-Time’s PigCentral® Control to help pig producers automatically manage feeding chores in a nursery, sow, wean-finish or finish system.

PigTek’s Stainless Steel Control Unit, model number PT-1076, is available for Chore-Time’s FLEX-AUGER models 55, 75, 75 Plus and 90.