No Air Needed: Highly Efficient, Accurate QT-Packer

Minitube’s QT-Packer is the newest technology for filling, sealing, and labeling boar semen bags. The QT-Packer decreases the operator’s time and labor with its user-friendly design. The innovated packaging machine has a modular design to allow for flexible set-up, a quick-change system for easily attaching filling needles, easy and fast bag roll change, and simple cleaning procedures.

The Minitube team focused on creating a packaging machine that stands out from the current market.

See how it works: here (YouTube linked video)

Features unique to the QT-Packer include:

  • Full electric design, eliminating the use of compressed or pressured air
  • Double track guidance system to decrease jams and cutting failures of bags

Additional features include:

  • An excellent filling accuracy of +/- 1ml
  • Averages 1,500 bags filled per hour under production conditions when using twin filling system
  • Customize labels with logos, QR codes, barcodes, and more
  • Connects to Prism 3.9, Prism10 and IDEE for direct transfer of filling and labeling information
  • Easy and fast roll change
  • In single filling mode, the next batch can be prepared while processing the current batch, resulting in minimum downtime between batches

There is guaranteed long-term support from an experienced team of service technicians and programmers at Minitube to assist with installation, training, and questions throughout production.

Many boar studs around the globe will benefit from the QT-Packer. Minitube strives to release products that are user friendly for producers and technicians, create programs to streamline data to multiple machines, and assist with overall decision making and production in the swine industry. With the release of Minitube’s QT-Packer, boar semen packaging has been set to a higher standard.

To see a full list of features and see it in action, click the link to QT-Packer.