New Piglet Processing Cart from Pulse NeedleFree RightStart

With the new Pulse NeedleFree RightStart piglet processing cart producers will get their piglets off to a healthy and profitable start in life.

The RightStart cart eliminates needles from the equation so it is safer, more biosecure and better for the piglet.  The injections are needle-free and hands-free to allow workers to focus their complete attention on the piglet and the injection placement.

The RightStart cart enables workers to cauterize tails at a precise and consistent tail length, with minimal bleeding and risk of infection.  There is also a castration restraint that is adjustable for various sizes of young male piglets, allowing the farm personnel to castrate safely and efficiently.

The system is adaptable to each producer’s injection protocols and is fully portable, with a self-contained rechargeable power supply.  The RightStart workstations are height-adjustable to improve worker ergonomics and facilitate rapid, consistent piglet processing.  The RightStart cart’s rugged stainless steel construction and streamlined size profile provide the durability and maneuverability needed for the challenging sow farm environment. And, it can be easily sanitized and maintained for years of efficient, animal-friendly production.

With the Pulse RightStart, workers can process pigs fast and efficiently while still applying best-in-industry piglet health and performance. Learn more at