New! Hog Slat’s Magnum feeder series.

With rising feed costs and higher market weights, it has never been more important to choose the right feeder for your hog operation.

“Our Magnum series of dry feeders give producers even more choices when selecting feeders to match their feeding program,” explained Hog Slat’s sales manager Fritz Richards. “We expanded the Magnum base to give larger hogs an additional two inches of feeder depth. Producers can also choose feeder openings ranging from 14 to 15 inches in width.”

“We added a new style of divider for the wean-to-finish models called HyVis. This modified rodded divider provides pig separation while allowing more visibility for the caretakers. It easier to see the amount of feed in the trough from a distance.”

“We also introduced a new adjustment option named the Lever Loc™. This adjustment provides 25 positive locking stops, each moving the feed gate a precise 1/16-inch. This makes adjusting the feed very repeatable from site to site along with simplifying employee training. The Lever Loc™ also has increased leverage making adjustments easier when the feeder is full.”

Although the increase in finishing weights has received more attention, the same holds true for nursery pigs; according to Hog Slat product engineer Jamie Royal, “Looking at the recently updated information,

(Condotta page 23), an 11-pound pig has an average shoulder width of 5-1/2- inches. At 22-pounds, it’s seven inches, and that changes to 8-3/8-inches when the pig reaches 44-pounds. Standard nursery feeders have a headspace that measures six by six inches. Our Magnum feeder increases the available headspace to eight inches by eight inches.”

For more information on available sizes and options, click on Magnum Feeders or call 800-949-4647.


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