New AP Flex-Flo XD ULTRA Unloader Offers Flexible, Reliable Swine Feed Delivery

The new Flex-Flo XD ULTRA Unloader from AP adapts to a variety of configurations and capacities to meet today’s demanding swine production requirements.

The Flex-Flo XD ULTRA Unloader features a wear plate made from fiberglass-filled nylon  material that provides four times the wear resistance compared to galvanized wear plates. The wear plate can be replaced in a fraction of time with a standard wrench. In addition, the boot features a new geometry that offers a 50% larger opening, helping to minimize feed bridging events.

Made from heavy-duty galvanized or stainless steel, the unloader housing increases durability and limits corrosion.

“The Flex-Flo XD ULTRA is more than an unloader. It’s a new way to think about the efficient and cost-effective delivery of feed in swine operations,” said Brian Rieck, senior manager of product management for AGCO, AP’s parent company.

Other features include the following:

  • The new geometry of the system offers a low-profile design, providing increased ground clearance under the unloader for cleaning and service activities.
  • The tube anchors are made from the same durable fiberglass-filled nylon as the wear plate and are injected for a more accurate fit and alignment, helping to reduce wear.
  • Single, twin and quad versions all feature common wear plates, tube anchors and bearings. Anchor bearings are fastened directly to the unloader body, eliminating the need for muffler clamps and potential wear issues.
  • The clear boot and custom-molded access window provide for easier feed-flow visual inspections.
  • Custom-cut EPDM gaskets seal the tube anchors and transfer plates, providing a water-tight seal that prevents the intrusion of moisture into the feed.

A retrofit kit is also available for existing Flex-Flo unloaders that are worn out, but the boot and slide gate are in good condition. For additional information, producers can contact their AP dealer or visit