Hamlet Protein launches new fiber product

Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of specialty ingredients for young animal nutrition, announced the launch of HP FiberBoost©, a pure fiber product containing functional fibers produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets. Stimulating gut health through the inclusion of HP FiberBoost© minimizes the need for anti-microbial growth promoters.

Fiber ingredients have a physico-chemical effect that stimulate the gut function. Soluble and insoluble fibers generate a dual effect, engaging the gut physically and stimulating microflora through the fermentation of selected fiber.

Dietary fiber stimulates the natural production of butyric acid in the lower gut where the desirable effects are needed. Inert fiber physically stimulates the passage of digesta, while fermentation of fiber by commensal bacteria results in the production of butyric acid. Stimulation of the gut microflora to produce more butyric acid depends not only on dietary fiber but also on the sort of fiber used.

HP FiberBoost© was developed to address a market demand from customers interested in combining fiber with a vegetable protein source of their choice. HP FiberBoost© is a pure fiber product containing functional fibers produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets.

Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser, commented: “The introduction of fiber as a functional ingredient, to stimulate the gut and ease the transition at weaning, forms part of Hamlet Protein’s strategy to offer practical solutions to pig producers and expand our offering beyond our well-known soy specialty ingredients portfolio.”

“We see a lot of interest from US feed companies and US pork producers for fiber applications in pig starter and sow feed. We will introduce HP FiberBoost© in the US and Mexico simultaneously, and have started the registration process in Canada.,” concluded Visser.

Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients and fiber specialties for swine, poultry, ruminant, and aquaculture at two production plants in US and Denmark. Hamlet Protein services customers around the world through a network of own sales offices and distributors. Find out more www.hamletprotein.com